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Dark Prince - Personal reviews of bad romance novels

Jul. 28th, 2007

09:51 am - Dark Prince

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I thought I would give Linday a break.
Heh I couldn't think this up if I tried.

Author's name: Christine Feehan
Title of book: Dark Prince

Hero's name: Mikhail Dubrinsky
His eyes colour: ...but it was his eyes, burning with energy, with darkness, with a thousand secrets, that drew immediate attention. Those eyes could mezmorize, hypnotize, just like the power of his voice.
Hair colour: Black
Title/nickname (If any): Prince, devil, vampire, killer.
Friends/family: A brother Jacques, and a protector/friend Gregori.
Reason for living (ie is he avenging the death of a loved one, is he a spy or is just a man-whore?): To be emo. Well to try and save his people from exstinction. See if the guys don't have a girlfriend they go to the dark side and become vampires; not to be confuesed with being a Carpathian which is diffrent...realy they are. Vampires are ugly and Carpathians are hunks.

Heroin's name: Heh Raven Whitney
Her eye colour: Dark blue
Her Hair colour: You'll never guess. OK I'll give you a clue: What's her name?
Title/Nickname (if any): Little one. Awww, she's petite, get it?
Friends: None that are mentioned. All the better for her to give up her life in Amarica.
Reason for living (is she the only virgin left in regency England, or the first women's activist in Medieval England?) To be a brood mare for an oversexed masaginist. Oh and a silly thing like track insane killers but who cares about that?

An example of why this book is a Bodice ripper (Or just a plain crappy book): 

First I'll give you the basic idea behind ever single flipping book so you don't have to read them. Again I don't own this it belongs solely to Christine Feehand and her publishers. I just made the mistake of buying the stupid book.

Blue eyes. Blue. She had blue eyes I didn't get that she had blue eyes, did you? It was only then that he realized he was seeing in colour Not the smartest bloke is he? Vivid, brilliant colors. He went utterly still. It could not be la gasp, how can I go on without my angst?. Males lost the abilty to see anything but drab gray about the same time they lost their emorions. It could not be He said that already, I think he went to the special  school. Only a lifemate could bring emotions and color back into a male's life. Carpathian women were the light the the male's darkness Can we say corny?. His other half.  Without her, the beast would sloely consume the man until he was completly darkness Oh how emo of them. There were no carpathian women left to give brith to lfe mates Huh strange. The few reamining women Did he not just say there were  no women left? seemed able to profuce only males Stange how sciance says that it's sperm that decides gender. It was seeminglt hopless situation But hark, there is new hope..maybe. Human women could not be converted without becimging deranged. It had been tried Lovely boys arn't they?. This human woman could not possibly be his life mate And the emo is back.

There you go that paragraph in a nut shell tells you why it's OK for the men to do what ever they want to the women. Upto and inculding rape, and imprisonment. Lovely.   I meant to say this is why they are so charming. They are very protective and sweet...yeah.

OK onto why this book is worthy of the title bodice ripper. Set right after  Mikhail takes her from her inn...against her will...for her own good of course.

She was frieghtned I'd run away if I was friegtned, but then again I'm normal, he could read it easily, a captive wild thing Did he just call her a thing? wanting to trust him, yet ubable to, run to the ground Now he's comparing her to a badger or something, cornered, but still willing to fight with her last breath. She needed him almost as much as he needed her After they had met for a whole five secounds. She thoughed the foor frame with a fingertip That line was nessary, you could never get the plot if that fingertip wasn't there.. "If I say no, will you take me back to the inn?" No.
Why she wanted to be with him when she knew he was dangerous I don't know, suasidial?? He wasn't "pushing" her; she had too much talent of her own not to know Yet he dose it all the time without her knowing later. He looked so alone, so proud, yet his eyes burnined over her with hungery need Is it just me or is that a creepy image?. He didn't answer her, didn't try to presuade her, simply stood there in siliacne, waiting Even creepier.
Raven sighed softly, knowing that she was defeated Why? Just turn around and leave. She had never known another human being she could just sit and talk with, even touch, without the bardbardment of thoughts and emotions. That in itself was a type of syduction Yes I know, it's got me hot.
She had stareted across the threshold. Mikhail caught her arm. "You own free with; say it."
"My own free will/" She stepped into his home, her slashes sweeping down. Raven missed the look of savage joy that lit his dark, chisled features "Come into my parlor" said the spider to the fly.

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