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Not so much funny... - Personal reviews of bad romance novels

Aug. 30th, 2007

11:55 am - Not so much funny...

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A while ago on </a></font></b></a>canon_sues I posted the Dark series on it. And bardsong asked this:

"I know this entry is months old but...

I confess that I sort of like those books. Oh, man, they're complete and utter crap, but there are days you want a fine sorbet and days you want to eat Cool Whip right out of the tub. Feehan is my Cool Whip--the books are horrible, but I can't seem to stop picking them up. I think mostly I want to figure out how it is something like those books managed the level of popularity they've acquired among romance readers."

I thought I might address that here. As well as any other Alpha!male in any other book I might spork here.

Although we have advanced as a society, and as a people our brains are essentially still primitive. If you were to take away all that we have accomplished over the millenia we would be go back to "Basic Programming" that's hardwired into our DNA.
So, that said.
All species seek to reproduce in order to make sure their species survives. As females our instincts tell us to go after the strongest men to give us strong children to make sure they survive. You see our instincts don't know that we have plenty of food and shelter, it tells us that we need to survive and in order to do that our offspring need to survive and if the male is strong so will the children.

Although as modern women we can stand back and say I want a "sensitive" man what our instincts want is someone who can defend his mate and offspring.

This is why Alpha!males are so popular. This is why Bad boys appeal to most women. They are strong. They are dangerous and that appeals to our primitive sides because that part of us knows he can protect us and any offspring.

And while our modern morals don't want a man who will toss us over his shoulder, instincts do. And romance novels like the Dark Series taps into that instinct. We (And myself included) might be able to take care of ourselves, in fact want to. Some part of us, even if it's tiny, wants that. Wants a man to take charge, to protect us.

No pretty, not flowery, definitely not worthy of a romance novel but the cold hard facts.

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