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bodicerippers's Journal

Personal reviews of bad romance novels
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A place for anyone who loves romance novels but loathes the bodice rippers and those who writes them.

Don't get me wrong I probably like something about the authors have written but theses particular books made me roll my eyes or grit my teeth.

If you want to add a author or particular book please feel free.

If you disagree with something I or another poster has said, please be respectful. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

Want to post please fill in the following:
Author's name:
Title of book:

Hero's name:
His eyes colour:
Hair colour:
Title/nickname (If any):
Reason for living (ie is he avenging the death of a loved one, is he a spy or is just a man-whore?):

Heroin's name:
Her eye colour:
Her Hair colour:
Title/Nickname (if any):
Reason for living (is she the only virgin left in regency England, or the first women's activist in Medieval England?)

An example of why this book is a Bodice ripper (Or just a plain crappy book):